Is Joe Biden anti Oil and gas?

Joe Biden anti oil and gas
Joe Biden anti oil and gas

What is  Joe Biden Energy Policy ? will he end frac as Trump has stated?

Back in 2019 Biden’s presidential campaign unveiled a $1.7 trillion climate policy plan aiming to eliminate U.S. net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The proposal incorporated elements of the Green New Deal proposal.

Part of Joe Biden’s plan would eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, halt the issuance of new permits for oil and gas extraction on public land and water, step up Clean Air Act enforcement; strengthen fuel economy standards to promote a shift to electric vehicles; regulate methane pollution, and create “aggressive” energy efficiency standards for appliances and buildings.

Biden also called for “carbon adjustment fees” to be levied on goods imported from countries that failed to meet emissions targets

So will Joe Biden ban fracking?

Biden wants to block the federal government from issuing new permits for drilling on public land, but he has not called for banning fracking. He also would allow existing fracking operations to continue.


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