West Texas Intermediate crude slipped $3.19, or 8%, to trade at $36.60


Crude oil continues it’s schizophrenia moves during today’s trading session after reports of weakness in the post Coronavirus world.

The list below is today’s top headlines regarding the selloff in crude.

  • Saudi Arabia Just Crushed U.S. Crude Oil Prices Again: Over the weekend that Saudi Arabia was cutting crude prices for October shipments to both Asian and U.S. refining customers. – fool.com

This news is most likely to hurt the U.S oil producers the most, as Wallstreet sees them as being massively in debt, and they have yet to see enough Consolidation with M&A, as the industry cratered early in the year.

M&A this past month in the Oil industry.

Schlumberger sales frac fleet for a large stake in the new Liberty frac Company



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