A flare alternative that also evaporates flowback and produced water.


Hydroflare is a the latest from HYDROZONIX. It is a flare alternative that also evaporates flowback and produced water (fracked wate0. Do you have remote wells where gas gathering is difficult or not cost effective? These types of wells usually have higher produced water disposal costs. What if you could use field gas from your remote well to evaporate produced water. Well now you can.

www.hydrozonix.com), employs an enclosed flare to destroy the well offgases and harvests the resulting energy to evaporate wastewater. According to Mike Pawlowski, senior technical sales manager at Ship & Shore Environmental, this the first technology available to the hydraulic fracturing market for onsite evaporation of produced water. The process — called Hydroflare — works by connecting the source of well offgases to an enclosed flare burner. “The resultant heat from the flare is passed to a tower or stack, which includes spray nozzles to mist the produced water into the high-temperature discharge of the burner section,”

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