Are the CanaPux™ pellets the future for a safe and responsible transport?


CALGARY, Alberta: Canada’s biggest railroad says it is attracting interest from oil producers in its effort to move crude in solid, puck-like form, as clogged pipelines divert more oil to riskier rail transport.

Congested pipelines have stranded much of Canada’s crude in Alberta, driving discounts to record-high levels. Canadian heavy crude traded on Friday for less than one-third of the U.S. benchmark light oil price.

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One of our core values is the safe and responsible transport of goods. Respecting and protecting the environment is important to us. CN is developing CanaPux™ pellets as an environmentally secure and protected way of transporting bitumen or heavy crude oil.

oil pellet

There are some important environmental innovations built into CanaPux™ pellets. They will float in water, eliminating concerns around spills. CanaPux™ pellets are environmentally inert. There is no dust and they are designed so that nothing can leach or dissolve into the environment.

CN puts safety first, and our goal is to be the safest railway in North America. CanaPux™ pellets embody our safety values. They are environmentally inert and in the event of an incident, CanaPux™ pellets would simply need to be picked up.

CanaPux™ pellets are not flammable or explosive. Temperatures above 145⁰ C (290⁰ F) are required before CanaPux™ pellets will burn.