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EOG Resources

EOG expects to have six rigs for the remainder of 2020

EOG Resources, Bill Thomas. Second Quarter and Full Year 2020 Forecast We entered this downturn in a position of operational and financial strength, and the...

Pioneer Natural Resources is a pure-play Permian basin producer now

Pioneer Natural Resources beat Wall Street estimates for quarterly profit on Monday, and said it sold its Eagle Ford and remaining assets in South...

Sanchez Energy company appears to be insolvent

  • Capital One Securities recently said the company appears to be insolvent with about $3.1 billion of asset value and roughly $3.7 billion of net liabilities and corporate overhead.
  • Orion’s chlorine dioxide biocide system

    There are safety features to Orion’s system. Instead of pushing biocide into the mix, Orion uses a flow-based suction system to pull its ClO2...
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