DALLAS TX Class A Truck Drivers


    City of Dallas

    DALLAS City: Trailer Truck Drivers

    Position Purpose

    Performs a variety of low-skilled and semi-skilled strenuous labor duties that may involve but not limited to maintenance/repair of streets, storm drains, sewer lines, airport grounds and facilities; construction, repair and maintenance of water/wastewater mains, cleaning water meters; operating tractors, mowers, and other lawn equipment; maintaining public facilities, lakes, zoo, aquarium and park grounds; asphalt/paving repair, street marking, collects garbage/brush, and trims landscape; reservoir facility maintenance, water meter testing and repair; and, water/wastewater equipment installation, repair, & maintenance.

    Essential Functions

    • Sets forms, mixes and pours concrete, spreads and lays asphalt or spreads crack seal for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks, curbs and gutters or streets.
    • Lays various pipes for storm or sanitary sewers, drains or water mains to ensure proper flow is maintained.
    • Loads and unloads tools, construction material and equipment onto trucks to ensure necessary tools are available for repairs to be made.
    • Operates air/jack hammer to break out old concrete or asphalt when making repairs.
    • Flags traffic, sets out barricades, cones or other safety devices to help ensure the safety of the crew and the public.
    • Digs ditches and trenches grading to specific evaluation; trims, shovels, cuts, and cleans up debris and removes vegetation.
    • Cleans drainage ditches, inlets, storm drains and sewer lines using various power operated equipment to remove debris or stoppage.
    • Drives dump truck, tractor driven mowers or other equipment to transport tools, equipment, supplies or material to and from the work site.
    • Performs preventive maintenance on equipment to ensure proper operating conditions.
    • Cuts grass, removes litter and weeds, cleans floors and facility grounds to maintain upkeep of facility, street medians, and vacant lots removing any hazards and ensuring safety of tenants.
    • Regular, reliable and punctual attendance is an essential function of the job.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Certification, Registration, or Licensure 

    Must have a valid Texas “A” or “B” CDL license.

    Working Conditions and Hazards 

    extensive walking, carrying, dragging, holding, pulling, pushing, lifting, kneeling, bending, twisting body, walking, reaching, and squatting; may be required to lift up to 100 pounds.

    Major activities are performed outdoors on level, slippery, sloping, unstable and uneven terrain.

    May be exposed to extreme cold, heat, heights, temperature swings, constant noise, mechanical and electrical hazards, fumes, odors, toxic chemicals (pesticides or herbicides), dust and mites.


    • Knowledge of equipment and tools used in various construction repairs.
    • Knowledge, use, care of hand and power tools, such as jackhammer, cement mixer, and power auger
    • Knowledge of surface preparation/adaptability of various surface materials
    • Knowledge of standard colors, configuration, and placement of lane markings and traffic signs.
    • Knowledge and understanding of safety procedures.
    • May require knowledge of custodial, carpentry, plumbing, painting, mechanics, landscaping, and specialized equipment.
    • Ability to read and write.
    • Ability to follow drawings, designs, and oral/written instructions from a supervisor, which has several steps, procedures or routines.
    • Ability to read and understand MAPSCO
    • Ability to operate a variety of simple to complex power tools or power equipment used in construction or landscaping.
    • Ability to perform a variety of moderate to heavy physical labor for extended periods.
    • Ability to lift and work with heavy equipment.
    • Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with all levels of management, city officials, vendors, other government agencies, other employees and the general public.
    • Must be able to operate a cellular telephone and/or a two-way radio.

    To apply for this job please visit www.governmentjobs.com.

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