Oilfield Jobs in Texas

oilfield jobs for hire in texas
oilfield jobs for hire in texas

The job market in Texas is starting to show signs of recovery, after oilfield consolidation in the past year, and crude oil prices starting to show signs of an upward trend along with Oil companies posting more job openings .

This is a welcomed change for the oilfield industry, as it incurred mass layoffs in the early part of last year when fracking and drilling companies laid off thousands of workers.

Even with Biden in the White House, the oil industry is still chugging along and fracking more wells daily in Texas. All the talk of doom and gloom was vastly overstated by the republicans during the elections.

If you are interested in finding work in the oilfield, visit https://www.fracnews.com/jobs/. You’ll find drilling, trucking, fracking, and logistics jobs related to the oil industry.

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