Deb Haaland is anti-fracking, co-sponsored AOC’s Green New Deal


Biden interior nominee is reportedly New Mexico congresswoman Deb Haaland , a member of the Laguna Pueblo people, to serve as the country’s first Native American interior secretary.

“The undeniable, accelerating, punishing reality of climate change is exacting an incalculable toll on lives and livelihoods in every community across the country,” a Biden-Harris transition official said in a statement.

“They will work closely with communities who bear the outsized burden of environmental injustice, including Tribal Nations and communities of color, and young Americans who will live with the long-term consequences of climate change,” they added.

The First Native American tapped to run US Interior. In historic move, Biden names Deb Haaland of the Laguna Pueblo tribe to become the first indigenous cabinet secretary.

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