China’s $7 trillion spending spree aims to save economy 

Could This be America’s playbook after also following China’s footsteps in calling for mass quarantine?

China’s US$7 trillion spending

The 22,000 projects include many new infrastructure investments such as 5G broadband, artificial intelligence and the industrial internet of things, as well as ones from the country’s old playbook for boosting economic growth, including road and rail building and coal plants.

China has so far shown it has control of the CoronaVirus in the country while other countries are just starting in implementing a lockdown. China’s economic emergence from past lockdown continues with electricity, coal, transport and oil showing gains.

China remains the world’s top crude oil importer, surpassing the United States in 2017. China’s new refinery capacity and strategic inventory stockpiling, combined with flat domestic oil production, were the major factors contributing to the increase in China’s crude oil imports in 2019. – @

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