Williston North Dakota is preparing for potential coronavirus patients


The Oilfield is especially vulnerable to the Virus as workers travel by airport and are in constant interaction with other Co-workers, that use Airports to get to and from a working hitch. Airports are now known to be a transportation hub for the virus.

Melaine Krabseth and Trish Arnold, CHI Emergency Preparedness Team, said, “We have a lot of people going in and out of Williston N.D, going back home and coming back here. We want to be prepared in case the worst-case scenario happens. We don’t want to be scrambling, going, ‘oh, what do we do?’ – msn.com

Williston N.D is especially vulnerable because CHI St. Alexius Health in Williston may not be prepared for a mass influx of patients with Pneumonia. Most folks are still sent out by helicopter to a larger town Minot for emergencies.

At first, the White House administration said the CoronaVirus might be good for the U.S economy At the time, the Coronavirus was only affecting China. Now the U.S Oil firms and the Market, in general, are taking a huge hit, so much so that the U.S Fed was forced to cut rates.

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