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Are Electric frac fleets the future of frac? Maybe…



At least for some, the high cost of capital needed upfront in order to pay for these frac fleet is not worth the price. It’s only when Oil companies require the service companies have or use electric run frac fleets, will the big players invest the large amount needed to run Electric frac spreads.

Electric frac spreads are much quieter and don’t produce large amounts of diesel fumes that could one day harm the workers, Workers that need to work and be around the equipment on the daily bases.

 The downside is that they cost a lot more between 50% and 100% more to put together a fully electric frac fleet.

How about using cheap and clean-burning natural-gas?

Baker Hughes is using the Permian Basin in West Texas to test a fleet of new turbines that use excess natural gas from a drilling site to power hydraulic fracturing equipment — reducing flaring, carbon dioxide emissions, people and equipment in remote locations. Liberty Oilfield is already using frac fleets that can run on natural gas or diesel.

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C&J Energy Services

What in Seismos is this? Hydraulic Fracturing Characterization




Fracking Zones

Seismos used its non-invasive equipment suite (KView™) to acquire and deliver real-time data that enabled the operator to make on-the-fly decisions, while having no impact on operations. The instrumentation was minimal, surface-based, and non-invasive, while installation and operation of Seismos equipment did not cause any delays.

Seismos remotely interrogated the subsurface for each stage. Various properties such as near wellbore fracture conductivity, network complexity, effective fracture length, and far-field fracture network connectivity to the reservoir were computed.

C&J Energy Services, Seismos partner onh. C&J Energy Services is teaming with Seismos to collaborate on the industry’s first real-time hydraulic fracture characterization solution. – world oil One of the ten largest US operators (C&J Energy Services) asked Seismos to evaluate its treatment effectiveness and completion designs for the lower Wolfcamp A formation. The goals were to identify the types of fracture systems created across the lateral, and how such systems influence production. The project encompassed a two well pad and was completed in early 2018. Each lateral was composed of 45 stages and was treated with a single design.

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Oilfield Technology

CANRIG ROBOTICS – The Electric Rig Hand




With a 1500 kilogram load capacity, the fully electric drill floor robot automates all pipe and tool operations to reduce the need for manual labor on a rig’s drill floor. As a result, the following drilling tasks can be safely executed more precisely than conventional equipment:

  • Tripping  Pipe (early studies indicate slips-to-slips time of less than one minute)
  • BHA MU/BO and other assemblies
  • Handling of casing, tubing, liners and screens
  • Handling of completion components
  • P&A operations, pick-up and lay down drill pipe

Automated grippers, spinners, clamping and other handling tools enable the electric drill floor robot to perform safer, hands-free drill floor operations. As the robot performs various tasks, it seamlessly uses different “smart” tools to quickly and precisely transfer power and communicate with other rig components. Its self-contained, built-in hardware controls and standard electric components allow for easy installation and low maintenance.


  • Fully electric with 1500 kg capacity
  • Rapid tool exchange
  • Spinning capability
  • Seven axis motion
  • High speed and accuracy

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