Adams County calls for 1,000-foot buffer between wells and homes


Colorado Adams County officials are going after the fracking industry, Even after the State Voted against any job-killing legislation. The will of the People is again being trampled on by the Democratic establishment in the state of Colorado.

Adams County will request a 1,000-foot buffer between wells and homes, schools and daycare centers — doubling the distance the state presently requires.

The issue of anti-fracking “well setbacks” became the topic during the 2018 election, when voters were some asked to increase the distance between new wells and homes and schools to 2,500 feet statewide. The ballot issue, Proposition 112, was defeated by a large percentage.

In March Adams County put a six-month moratorium on any new drilling so that it could rewrite its rules for the industry. There are hundreds of pending permits for wells in the county.

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