A Fracking slowdown in the Denver-Julesburg Basin?

New anti-fracking laws are having an effect in new investment and fracking in the Denver-Julesburg Basin that’s according to industry insiders, The resulting uncertainty over how local authorities will use their newfound power has nearly halted energy deal activity, including acreage purchases.

ConocoPhillips tried to sell its Colorado acreage for more than $1 billion late last year but failed to find a buyer, according to three sources familiar with the deal. [read more]

But not all is doom and gloom, At PDC Energy, one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas in Weld County, we remain committed to continuing to develop our assets in the county,” PDC’s Courtney Loper said in a written statement. “We plan to invest around half a billion dollars in Weld County in 2019, with a similar level of activity expected in 2020.”

“We will continue working closely with Weld County on the required local permits and agreements, and we do not foresee any substantive changes to this development plan,” Noble Energy’s Brian Miller said in a written statement. – Noble Energy  – @ greeleytribune.com

From what we can see, those that are in it to frack in Colorado are gonna continue to frac, those that want to sell their share are having a hard time convincing others to do business in Colorado.

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