Halliburton reduced noise frac fleet , It’s really quiet!


Oil Companies continue to look for ways to minimize the impact of their drilling and
completion operations. Some of the areas of concern during completions are reduced noise, emissions,
truck traffic, and time on location. With a large portion of their acreage around Greeley, CO, SRC Energy
is constantly looking for ways to improve their operations. As their CEO Lynn Peterson says, “Our
challenges are not just economic. We are faced with a social and political environment that requires us
to constantly seek out technology and solutions that can accomplish all of our goals.” With this in mind,
SRC Energy solicited Halliburton Energy Services to collaborate on an effort to achieve their social,
political, economic and environmental goals.

By understanding what technology was available and how  it best could be deployed, SRC Energy and Halliburton moved forward with field testing and implementing several changes to their completion operation. After successful initial discovery and planning sessions, the Echo fleet was deployed on Evans pad location in order to address two major challenges. Frac fleet emissions and noise control of the equipment. Extensive testing showed a substantial reduction in Decibel levels and the Tier 4 fleet has the lowest emissions in the industry. Although the deployment and integration of the Echo units

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