Is Electric Fracking Feasible In 2018 or in 2019?

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The next decade will be an exciting one for the energy industry, especially that of the frac industry and for those who worry about climate change and the environmental impact of our energy use.

Liberty frac‘s Chris Wright was asked about running a 100% Electric Fracking Fleet in 2018?

we have looked electric frac fleet really since we started the company. And we watch that technology and it’s intriguing. To-date that for us the trade-offs haven’t arrived yet. The downside is that they cost a lot more between 50% and 100% more to put together a fully electric frac fleet.


And it looks like endless the price drops, there will be no  100% Electric Fracking Fleet in the near term for Liberty frac. But that hasn’t stopped Evolution Well Services, They have a 100% Electric Fracking Fleet already working. Just as US Well Services.

mobile electric-powered hydraulic fracturing fleet.

The Clean Fleet with Whisper is the first fully electric, fully mobile electric-powered hydraulic fracturing fleet.

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