EcoStim announces plan to operate a “super fleet”


Eco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESES) (“EcoStim” or the “Company”) announced today that it has agreed to provide its primary customer in the STACK with additional dedicated horsepower and equipment, including its natural gas powered pumping units, to create what the Company refers to as a “super fleet” in support of a collaborative plan to improve efficiency as its customer moves forward with a heavier concentration of multi well pads and zipper fracs.  This approach is expected to increase Ecostim’s monthly stage counts from Q1 2018 levels, while reducing the Company’s overall operating costs and increasing profitability.

J. Chris Boswell EcoStim’s CEO stated, “In reviewing the “super fleet” concept, we believe the plan will allow the Company to deliver more efficiencies, better margins and stronger near-term cash flow. We completed 166 stages with Fleet #1 and Fleet #2 during the first 50 days of the second quarter and believe the “super fleet” concept will allow the Company to increase its average monthly stage counts going forward.  The addition of certain of Fleet #1’s pumping units to Fleet #2 will mean that Fleet #1 will be removed from the spot market with the remaining Fleet #1 pumping units being deployed in the pump down market.  We expect the first pump down jobs to begin in early June.  We believe this plan should allow the Company to deliver leading edge performance to our primary customer and increased utilization to drive higher profits.”

About the Company:  Eco stim energy solutions

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